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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime & Increase Equipment Uptime 

Unplanned downtime is the bane of operations staff. It also represents a significant cost to organisations. Any time there is an equipment breakdown, assets are not being utilised and production can grind to a halt. Foresight over asset fitness can ensure that downtime never comes as a surprise.

Let AI Work For You

Having oversight of your assets is the first step to enabling action. Capturing all the equipment information in one place makes it easier to diagnose and prioritise issues.


When AI does the heavy-lifting and alerts you to critical equipment conditions, it's even easier. Don’t waste time on physical inspections of healthy assets or reviewing normal operating behaviour data.

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Understand Your Asset Utilisation Patterns

Get the full picture when it comes to equipment utilisation and identify the assets that are being underutilised. Operations planners can optimise production schedules & save thousands in equipment procurement by identifying unused production capacity. Do you know where your extra capacity lies?

Proven to Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Eliminating unplanned downtime doesn't have to take forever. With the right equipment and platforms you can make informed decisions the prevent equipment outages within months of deployment.

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