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How We're Making an Impact.

Since 1970, global
carbon emissions have increased by

25% comes from the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat, making it the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions.


And whilst we're aware of this, doing something about it is hard. Really hard.


Especially when you need to get all of your teams onboard and working together to achieve a common goal. 

Our condition-based maintenance solutions help you reduce your carbon emissions.

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The energy used to power machines is more often than not sourced from non-renewable energy sources, like the burning of coal. But these processes are dirty, and a strong source of carbon emissions, with wide-reaching environmental and health effects like climate change, air pollution, and extreme weather.

That's why, at our core, our mission is to conserve the earth's resources by making industrial assets more efficient. Our services allow you to optimise the efficiency of your assets across their lifecycle to reduce their energy usage and eliminate waste.

By focusing on the health of assets, not just their condition, we help you increase the useful life of equipment, so you can optimise your resource allocation and only maintain your machines when they need it. 

After all, we believe that by managing assets more effectively, we can allow for more effective consumption of assets. 

How are we working towards this?

Mitigating the environmental impact of machines is no easy feat. Especially for global industries reliant on machines.

That's why, beyond transforming machines across their lifecycle, we're partnering with world-leading sustainability organisations, and taking internal actions to create the most sustainable product we can.



One Tree Planted

To further mitigate the environmental impact of industrial assets, we have partnered with One Tree Planted.


One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation. In this partnership every time a FitMachine is installed and onboarded onto our dashboard, we plant a tree in your region to help offset the carbon that your machines are creating.

Further, to thank our customers for their help in the reforestation, conservation, and protection of our forests, new customers receive a certificate of appreciation signed by our CEO.

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FitMachine Recycling

To do our part in creating a circular economy, we refurbish sensors returned from customers.

Our FitMachine refurbishment process follows the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Returned FitMachines' hardware and software are quality tested and updated to make them like new.

Prolonging the life of our FitMachines and their components allows us to help prevent unnecessary e-waste - which is currently far too large of a problem for us and our environment.


Packaging Design

We want to make a difference in the environment, and that carries through across our company.

As we progress and grow we have been taking action to minimise waste at all stages of our development and shipping processes.


One of these actions has been working with our manufacturing partner IntelliDesign to streamline our FitMachine deliveries. This process sees the use of reusable containers and foam, and no plastic waste.



Lithium Battery Recycling


To help keep batteries out of landfills we work with Suez to recycle the used lithium batteries from FitMachines.

Suez is well known and trusted sustainable company that extracts lithium and creates new batteries using the existing materials.

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