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Increase Uptime By Reducing Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned downtime represents a high cost to organisations. Any time there's a problem with your equipment, production can grind to a halt.


However, with our sensors' ability to routinely capture data combined with its unique AI technology, you can make informed decisions to diagnose and prioritise issues to prevent major unplanned outages and increase your potential uptime.

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24/7 Visibility of Equipment Condition 

Traditional equipment inspections don't provide the peace of mind that machines are fit for use at all times. However, our sensors are always monitoring your equipment, alerting you to equipment abnormalities that could be missed by periodic equipment inspections. With MachineCloud, your critical asset information is easy to access, at any time, giving you peace of mind that you always know what's going on.

Shift to Condition-Based Maintenance With Ease

Condition-based maintenance relies upon the continuous monitoring of asset conditions to stay ahead of equipment failure.


Our solutions not only provide you with traditional tools to understand changes to your equipment, our unique AI is also able to learn and understand changes to your equipment's condition that can be missed by standard measures. This potent combination enables you to make the shift to condition-based maintenance with ease. Join the revolution! 

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Increase Worker Safety

Worker safety is paramount no matter your organisation. With our products, your teams can understand equipment conditions from anywhere, anytime.


Whether you utilise FitPower or FitMachine, our products reduce the time spent by workers in dangerous environments, and naturally reduce opportunities for accidents and injury. Plus, you can save time by eliminating redundant inspections and increase efficiency by prioritising work effectively.

Integrate and Get Connected

MachineCloud allows you to leverage your equipment condition data, and send it wherever you need. Our platform is built to integrate with any CMMS, EMS or ERP or other core systems your organisation relies upon.


With MachineCloud in your tech stack, you can add a deeper level of equipment condition visibility to work orders, eliminate redundancies with live job reporting, and keep everyone informed with comment threads.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

MOVUS has supported businesses around the globe, across a broad range of industries. Together, we've worked with our customers to help them save millions in lost production and repair, enable safer maintenance practices, increase productivity, gain peace of mind and more. Check out our library of case studies to read about many of their experiences. 

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