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Understand Your Asset Fitness At A Glance

Make the transition to Predictive Maintenance.

FitMachine can be self-installed on all manner of fixed rotating assets. Condition monitoring is critical for preventing unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. MOVUS can help you make the transition to predictive maintenance quickly and affordably.

Condition Monitoring For Equipment That Doesn't Fit The Mould

Want to know if you can get your other equipment fit as well?  Some of the other machines that FitMachine has helped include:

  • Bucket Elevators

  • Centrifuge Separators

  • Conveyors (Motors or Gearbox)

  • Fan Belts

  • Screens (Motors, Gearboxes or Belts)

The full list that MOVUS condition-monitoring platform works best with the equipment listed here. ​​


However, that isn't an exhaustive list. FitMachine can support condition monitoring across many fixed rotating assets that aren't typical in many businesses. Speak to our dedicated Customer Success team about the assets you'd like to monitor. We'll provide expert advice and consultation in order to achieve your maintenance goals.

FitMachine Dash on Tablet & Desktop

AI & Machine Learning Predict Equipment Behaviour For You 

FitMachine data is processed by our proprietary AI to analyse asset fitness and alert you when necessary. Plus, you can access live reports at any time via the MachineCloud platform. Never be caught by surprise when equipment issues arise.


Make informed maintenance decisions and diagnose problems accurately with all the data at your fingertips.

The MOVUS Solution In Action

MOVUS has supported many organisations, across a number of industries, transition to predictive maintenance. For users, unplanned downtime is a thing of the past. Plus, asset utilisation has significantly increased thanks to data-driven decisions. Learn why organisations trust MOVUS in optimising their asset fitness through our case studies.


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