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Keep That Motor Running

Never be caught out by costly unplanned downtime due to motor failure.

Motors are critical pieces of equipment that undergo a lot of wear and tear.  However, condition monitoring solutions like FitMachine can keep your teams aware of your motors' condition 24/7, and help them to conduct maintenance proactively.

24/7 Motor Condition Monitoring in Minutes

The MOVUS condition monitoring platform works best with the following motor types:

  • Direct-Coupled

  • VSD / VFD

  • Soft Start

  • DC Motor

FitMachine sensors are self-installed and start reporting in minutes. Plus, MOVUS offers a dedicated Customer Success team to help you achieve your asset performance targets.

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AI-Verified Information
In a Click

FitMachine data is passed through our AI layer to analyse equipment conditions and predict future behaviour. The MachineCloud dashboard is accessible remotely and provides information across multiple dimensions.


So whether you want a top-level view of asset fitness or granular detail - you can access it with a click. Plus, with instant alerts via email or SMS, you'll never miss an important change in machine condition.

Proven to Eliminate Unplanned Outages

FitMachine has prevented critical motor failure for many organisations across the globe. Eliminating unplanned downtime, increasing asset utilisation, and reducing repair costs are key reasons why our users trust the MOVUS solution. See it in action via our library of case studies built from user testimonials.

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