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“FitMachine’s artificial intelligence picked up a deterioration in the non-drive end bearing of our vacuum pump; this took place in between scheduled VA inspections.
We are now greasing and running it until the next shutdown which is two weeks away.”

Reliability Engineer
Top10 Global Mining Company

Mining vacuum pump

Actionable insights extracted from pit to port

Round-the-clock connectivity of asset health into the hands of those who need it and your critical operating systems (ERP, MRO).

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FitMachine is a core part of the mine of the future

Unlock value and increase worker health and safety with FitMachine

Predict the future

FitMachine’s advanced machine learning technology allows you to adopt industry leading predictive maintenance processes.

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Decrease downtime. Reduce time and money spent on asset breakdowns thanks to advanced predictions.

Visibility of your entire fleet

Know exactly how all assets in your operation are performing in real-time. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Highly cost competitive

Reduce physical inspection costs, lower operating costs, extend asset lifecycle. And all with a as-a-service commercial model.

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Cavitation diagnosis


The Anglo American Moranbah North Mine (MNH) is an underground longwall mine which began operating in 1998. MNH have deployed MOVUS FitMachines® on multiple types of equipment that are part of the wash plant.

What happened?

The FitMachine® detected a problem with a pump running at only 50% speed, with slight cavitation occurring. This was addressed promptly and cavitation slowed, which prevented stockpiles from increasing and affecting production levels.

Client outcome

“… I’ve gone and had a look, pump seems to be snoring a bit (slight cavitation) – they are only running at 50% speed. Cranked them up to 65% speed for 2 mins and the snoring went away – so good pick up.”

MNH investigation
  •  Fast diagnosis and less unplanned downtime
  • Extend the life expectancy of the pump
  • Less time exploring the problem as the FitMachine® provided access to real-time data
  • Data analysed and presented on an intuitive dashboard.

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