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Increase Worker Safety

Worker safety is paramount no matter your organisation. For those in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and other heavy industries, it is priority #1. It’s also inherently difficult to find gains once you’ve covered the traditional bases.

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Safety & Productivity Go Hand-in-Hand

Planning and scheduling is an overlooked area that can be leveraged to increase worker safety AND productivity. 

You also increase efficiencies by having staff work on practical tasks rather than redundant work for the sake of routine. Plus, by reducing the time spent by workers in dangerous environments, you naturally reduce opportunities for accidents and injury.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Having the right tools to make the most informed schedules is critical to ensuring you are prioritising work effectively and don’t overlook important tasks in dangerous environments when they arise.


See what data you could be leveraging to increase safety AND productivity.

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Making a Case for Increased Worker Safety

FitMachine has enabled safer maintenance practices across a number of industries. Plus, many organisations have reported higher productivity thanks to minimising time spent on redundant equipment inspections in dangerous environments.


Check out our case studies to learn more about how MOVUS has supported organisations in increasing worker safety.​

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