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Our New Energy Sensor.

FitPower Installation.HEIC
FitPower on Equipment.HEIC

What is

FitPower is the WORLD'S FIRST IIoT current sensor that doesn't require installation into a distribution board!

FitPower is a smart, self-installed sensor that monitors and measures the energy individual machines are using to show trends over time. As a completely wireless sensor, it can be safely installed any anyone, anywhere along the power cable, at any time - no specialist skills, plant shutdowns or safety gear required. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The ones that are melting. With FitPower, we're aiming to help organisations reduce their energy consumption and reduce global warming.
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How does it work?

Monitoring the operation and power of your assets is an important part of maintaining and optimising the performance of your equipment. 


With FitPower, you can monitor and visualise variances in the relative current your machines are consuming by simply attaching it to an asset’s power cable.

FitPower samples current at 1000Hz and is especially unique in that it can be used for short AND long-run assets, so it's great for your low-priority equipment!

How does it help you?

With it, you have a new and easy way to understand your equipment's energy usage and how well your assets are running. With insight into your equipment's power usage, you can:


FitPower's easy-to-understand charts and dashboards help you understand if your equipment's energy consumption is normal, or needs investigating. With near real-time reporting, you can see variations in energy usage as they happen, revealing changes in equipment operation or potential issues that may require addressing.

And like a fine wine, it just gets better with time. Long-term data capture provides trends in your equipment's energy efficiency, highlighting improvements to your processes or potential maintenance requiring action. You can even identify the optimum time to perform maintenance!

Easily Monitor Your Current Consumption



The best part? Installation. We all know that if you want to reduce your energy consumption, the first step is to track how much power you use and when. But traditional industrial energy monitoring solutions are crazy expensive, requiring both specialist manpower and equipment downtime for installation.

FitPower offers a unique solution that's fast, simple and easy!

All you need is a FitPower Bluetooth control unit and zip tie, which come with your FitPower, and your mobile phone. Simply attach FitPower to an asset's power cable and secure it in place with the zip tie, onboard it using your control unit via our Mobile App, and you're done! No need for costly electrician installations or a plant shutdown. 

Limited quantities are available, so if you're interested please make an enquiry below!

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