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FitMachine on outdoor pumps
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What is

Condition monitoring made easy.

FitMachine is a smart, self-installed, equipment monitoring sensorFitMachine continuously provides equipment condition data to ensure you never miss any equipment issues.
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How does it
help you?

FitMachine is designed to help you spend your time on the bigger, better, and more important.


With 24/7 insight, you can better understand your equipment behaviour to increase asset efficiency, save money and eliminate waste through optimising your resource allocation.


How? To start, FitMachine helps you optimise your maintenance/operations scheduling, reduce unnecessary work and ultimately optimise the useful life of your equipment.

See the complete list of benefits here

How does it work?

With FitMachine, you don’t have to worry.

FitMachine monitors and sends your equipment’s vibration, temperature, tone and frequency data to the MachineCloud Dash. This data is compared to your equipment’s ‘normal state’ via our AI to enable instant alerts when variances occur. If your asset's condition changes, FitMachine lets you know, so you can focus your attention where needed.

Thanks to machine learning and the ability to set custom thresholds, FitMachine can be adapted to your organisation’s specific setup.

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FitMachine Orange

Better Spend
Your Time.

FitMachine in the Field
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Three mounting options to suit all your needs.


Installation of FitMachine is fast, simple and easy. You simply attach it to your equipment in a suitable location using the magnet, and onboard using our Mobile App. 


For equipment where magnet mounting is not appropriate, we have a direct stud mount option and adhesive mount option available on request. 

MOV004 - NONEX FM 3.0 BOTTOM_MAGNET MOUNT 04-09-19.png


Magnet Mounting

MOV004 - NONEX FM 3.0 BOTTOM_SCREW ON MOUNT 04-09-19.png

Direct M6 x 12mm Stud Mount Option

MOV004 - NONEX FM 3.0 BOTTOM_GLUE ON MOUNT 04-09-19.png

Adhesive Mount Option

How FitMachine Has Made a Difference

CSF Proteins (1).png


CSF Proteins Eliminates 100% Of Unplanned Downtime

Fertiliser Manufacturer.png


FitMachine Prevents Worker Injuries and Lost Prodution

Food & Beverage.png


FitMachine Deployment Saves $300K of Lost Production



Hunter Water Implements Smart Maintenance for a New, More Efficient Regime

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