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Never Be Blind to Your Equipment Condition

Critical assets require continuous monitoring to ensure they don't fail at critical moments. Traditional equipment inspections don't provide the peace of mind that machines are fit for use at all times. That's where a smart solution like FitMachine can help.

Behavioural Patterns and Live Data Are Equally Important

Understanding your asset fitness on a real-time basis can help you take action in an instant. But it's equally as important to see the wider context - historical data can provide answers to current machine behaviour.


With traditional maintenance processes, there are large gaps in knowledge. It's hard to determine abnormalities in behaviour with such large blind spots. Continuous condition monitoring fills in those gaps so that predictions are accurate enough to be relied upon.

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Accessible, Easy To Understand Information

Equipment data is worthless if it can't be accessed or used to inform maintenance decisions. It's important that key stakeholders can access the data wherever they are, and can also make use of it. MachineCloud makes critical asset information easy to understand via smart widgets and customisable reports. 

Take Action From Anywhere, At Any Time

FitMachine's continuous monitoring, combined with AI and Machine Learning layers, can instantly alert teams to equipment abnormalities. That means even when off-site staff can still ensure the right maintenance calls are made on-site.


Our users have saved thousands in lost production and repair thanks to MachineCloud remote capabilities. Many have shared their experiences with us.

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