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 Customer Success 

When you choose MOVUS, you're choosing more than just the world's first self-installed condition monitoring smart sensors. Our customers have access to a dedicated Customer Success team with the expertise to support you in analysing asset performance and increasing uptime and utilisation.

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Individual, Tailored Goals

Structured Process

Measurable Results


 1. Goals Confirmation 

Our team works with you to define and confirm the goals of your organisation. Maintenance maturity, timing, budget, asset utilisation and more are all considered and broken down to set clear objectives. These remain in a living document to ensure visibility by our teams and yours.

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 2. Equipment Selection &   Onboarding 

We discuss and review the assets to be monitored and delivery and site access requirements. Ongoing support ensures your questions are answered.

 3. Calibration and End User   Training 

Once installed and calibration has commenced, Customer Success delivers end-user training on using the FitMachine App and FitMachine Dashboard. Your training is tailored to your goals, so you can stay on track and make the most of our product.

 5. Monthly/Quarterly   Review 

Depending on your needs, each month or quarter our customer success managers will organise a formal review to record feedback, assess progress towards objectives, and align on new goals.

 4. Regular Communications and   Check-Ins 

Execute at speed, with the support of our digital knowledge base and Customer Success for any escalated issues. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will maintain regular contact with key personnel, and be available to help diagnose issues.

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We See Maintenance 4.0 as Evolutionary, not Revolutionary.

To help you on your path to enterprise transformation, our teams utilise a Maintenance 4.0 maturity curve to assess your organisation and what level of availability you need for your assets.


We use this assessment to better align actions to requirements, ensuring the success of your asset fitness improvement projects. Our assessment takes into account the current state, processes, and goals of your organisation.

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