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Harness the power of data to drive real change. 

Since 1970, global
carbon emissions have increased by

25% comes from the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat, making it the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions.


And whilst we're aware of this, doing something about it is hard. Really hard.


Especially when you need to get all of your teams onboard and working together to achieve a common goal. 

Our condition-based maintenance solutions help you reduce your carbon emissions, and facilitate better communication while you do so.

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The energy used to power machines is more often than not sourced from non-renewable energy sources, like the burning of coal. But these processes are dirty, and a strong source of carbon emissions, with wide-reaching environmental and health effects like climate change, air pollution, and extreme weather.

Our services allow you to optimise the efficiency of your assets across their lifecycle to reduce their energy usage and eliminate waste.

By focusing on the health of assets, not just their condition, we help you increase the useful life of equipment, so you can optimise your resource allocation and only maintain your machines when they need it. 

Even better?

Our collaboration tools make communicating and working with your team effortless.


With the insight you need into your equipment's energy usage, condition status, ___ and more, your teams can, within and across sites, more efficiently coordinate activities and share important information on events in real-time.


FitMachine Sensor Flat.gif

The FitMachine Sensor

Our wireless, condition monitoring sensor. FitMachine monitors ambient conditions like vibration, acoustics and temperature, 24/7. 

FitMachine Dash On Laptop and Tablet_edi

The FitMachine Dashboard

Our digital platform. Here you can receive alarms and dive into analytics, insights, and all the asset information you need.

FitMachine EX Sensor Flat.gif

The EX Sensor

Our intrinsically safe sensor. FitMachineEX is designed to work in hazardous environments, so you don't have to.

With 24/7 insight into your asset's behaviour, there are fewer surprises and greater opportunities for increased utilisation. Our service allows you to capitalise on these opportunities by utilising a platform that monitors and predicts equipment behaviour for you.

Increase Staff Safety
Machine Health
Reduce Redundant Equipment Inspections
Unplanned Downtime
Track Your Asset Fitness 24/7
Integrate Data With Your Core Systems

Why are we different from competitors

We work with customers to identify, visualise and optimise inefficiencies.

Take care of the equipment that matters most to your organisation.


Effectively monitor the behaviour of a wide range of fixed rotating assets.

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MOVUS was started by founders Brad Parsons, Michel Lamarre and John Gardner who had a vision of helping the world conserve its dwindling resources. 


Over 2.3 billion electric motors in modern industry consume 43% of the world's electricity. At MOVUS our goal is to help industry make their machines run fitter, and as you've no doubt guessed, fit machines will use significantly less resources.


We at MOVUS are a group of passionate individuals working closely as a team to do what many think is impossible - change how industry works to help save the planet.  If you feel as passionately as we do about changing the world, join us as a customer, partner or member of our team. 

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