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Condition Based Maintenance

Traditional maintenance relies on reactive, routine inspections. This leaves organisations open to costly, unplanned downtime. Condition-based maintenance relies upon the continuous monitoring of asset conditions to stay ahead of equipment failure. It's fast, and simple to make the switch when you have the right platform.

Act-On Real-Time Information, Not Hunches

Condition based maintenance enables data-driven decisions. No relying on hunches, no redundant inspections, no more unplanned downtime. Identifying behaviour patterns over time, and being alerted to critical deviations can save time and money.


 Your machines are constantly talking; it's time to listen to them.

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Condition-Based Maintenance Guided By Artificial Intelligence

Accessing your machine condition data is one thing, but making use of it is another. That's where AI can really assist you in achieving your asset performance goals. MachineCloud passes the information and provides data in easy-to-understand formats. Plus, it can instantly alert you to critical changes in machine condition, so you can focus on priority tasks. Making the switch to condition-based maintenance is easy.

A Case for Condition-Based Maintenance

FitMachine has enabled condition based maintenance for many organisations. Users save thousands on potential lost production and equipment repair. Plus they've seen great increases in uptime and asset utilisation. Instant alerts triggered by our AI, ensure data-driven action is taken well ahead of failure. Check out our library of case studies to see just how our solution has supported business across the globe, across a number of industries.​

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