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Brad Parsons
CEO & Founder
The CEO and Founder of MOVUS, Brad spent 25 years in national and global positions at corporates like Aurizon, Flight Centre, News Limited and Multiplex. Prior to founding MOVUS, he worked on automation blueprints projects for BHP and Aurizon. His inspiration for MOVUS came from a strategic condition monitoring program which he worked on for Sydney Trains.
Michel Lamarre
Director & Co-Founder
The co-founder and Director at MOVUS, Michel has 32 years of solid experience in large projects delivery, beginning with the development of maintenance programs to Commissioning Manager, Project Manager and Project Director. His main two employers have been SNC-Lavalin for seventeen years, and Rio Tinto for seven years. This has provided him with ammunition to lead special projects at MOVUS, including the certification of the FitMacchine EX.
John Gardner
System Architect & Co-Founder
John enjoyed a 45-year career in telecommunications and IT before joining MOVUS as a Co-Founder in 2015. He has held technical and consulting positions in the aviation, oil exploration, mining, financial, IT services, defence and government sectors.
Andy Hill
Director (Non Executive)
A current chair member at MOVUS, Andy pursued Masters in Sustainability Leadership as he is passionate about making an impact in the intersection of technology, sustainability and influence. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Oniqua, leading the company from a start-up to become the world leader in MRO Spare Parts Optimization and later acquired by IBM Watson in 2018.
John Scott
R&D Engineering Lead
John brings embedded, electrical and manufacturing experience to MOVUS through his previous hardware and mechanical engineering experience. As the Founder and CTO of Cartesian Co, he was involved in commercialising a process developed at the University of Queensland to additively fabricate circuit board for prototyping. This company grew, moved to the US and eventually sold printers to large companies such as NASA, Broadcom and GE. John eventually moved back to Australia where he Joined MOVUS to lead their hardware development.
Paul Hannah
Data Science and Analytics Lead
Mark Parker
Partner & Sales Channel Manager
Reinard van der Leij
Product Manager & Web/Mobile Lead
Reinard has been building & growing tech startups for around a decade, as a founder, employee and advisor. Previously at a startup accelerator, he supported over one hundred startups with their business & technology challenges. A Software Engineer & Business Manager by training, Reinard wrote much of the code for the customer facing software in the early days of MOVUS. Today he is responsible for the strategy & roadmap.
Grady Vincent
Platform Lead
Cameron Forsyth
Mechanical Engineer
A mechanical and aeronautical engineer, Cameron started at MOVUS as an intern in 2016. As a driver of the customer success team, he is responsible for answering technical questions about our system and its capabilities while competing against the AI to find equipment faults. He enjoys the challenges of analysing spectral data and maintaining FitMachine fleet health.
Matt Nade
Customer Success Manager
Matt heads up our customer team and is passionate about ensuring we deliver a useful product to your organisation. He believes in creating value for our clients. When not doing his best to keep his team and our customers happy, you will probably find him out on the road on a motorbike, or on a racetrack in his car. “Once a mechanic, always a mechanic”.
Kingsley Palmer
Inside Sales Leader
Kingsley is a creative and dedicated sales leader with over 20 years’ experience in B2B direct sales and sales management and is determined to help take MOVUS to Number 1 with the Predictive Maintenance Sensor Solution.
Lisa Wruck
Lisa is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 experience across a range of public and private companies. After working primarily in the mining, oil and gas industries for many years, her focus has shifted more recently to working with start-up technology companies.
Dorothy Kan
Data Scientist
With a PhD in machinery condition monitoring using artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques, Dorothy is a specialized Data Scientist at MOVUS. When not deep-diving into machine learning, you can find her grooving to piano music.
Scott Frazier
Data Scientist
A graduate in Computer Science, Scott is a skilled programmer with experience in Python and machine learning. With a solid foundation in mathematics, he is passionate about bio-inspired optimization and always on the hunt for exciting problems to solve.
Rachael Parsons
Office Coordinator
With a passion for all things design, Rachael is our star co-ordinator who is also responsible for organising events and managing the office workspace. Besides being a full-time Design student, she is involved in the shipping organisation process at MOVUS.
William Toohey
Firmware Developer
An entrepreneur himself with more than 2 years of professional work experience, Will is a software engineer advancing the firmware that makes the FitMachine tick. He lives to make low-footprint software to sustain IoT gadgets over time on a solitary battery.
David Uhlmann
Senior Software Engineer
David is a full-stack engineer with over 7 years of experience working in startups and holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He has created and managed UIs, APIs, cloud services, and engineering teams.
Robert Gargan
Operations Assistant
Coming soon.
Zoe Ling
Operations Assistant
Having worked at MOVUS for over 2 years now, Zoe is part of the assembly team and involved in testing, quality checks, shipment and fulfilment processes of the FitMachine. She is also a full-time 4th year electrical engineering student at The University of Queensland and the 2020 Vice President for UQ EBESS.
James Beikoff
Hardware and Firmware Support
Having worked at MOVUS as an intern, James has now joined the hardware and firmware team while in his final year of electrical and aerospace engineering at Queensland University of Technology. He enjoys the variety of problems he is challenged with at MOVUS and in his spare time you’ll have to look outdoors to find him enjoying himself fishing and camping.
Tim Warry
Customer Success
Tim is a member of the customer success team with a focus on shipping and logistics. He started with MOVUS in 2019 after completing studies in Chemical Engineering. He also had a brief experience with the company at the end of 2018 and was so impressed with the culture that he knew where he wanted to work when a position became available.
Hayley Parsons
Sales and Marketing Assistant
Starting out as a marketing intern at MOVUS, Hayley assists the sales and marketing teams in lead generation, content marketing and film production. When not at MOVUS, Hayley spends her time at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) studying her double degree in Fine Arts & Business. In her spare time, Hayley pursues her artistic passions, and has achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do amidst her worldwide travel.
Declan Keyes Bevan
Platform Developer
Declan is a software developer with experience in back-end, Cloud and automation. He has worked on short engagements in small companies through to publicly traded enterprises delivering multi-million dollar, business transformation projects. He has a deep knowledge of Python, having used it throughout his career to wrangle computers. Declan has designed, developed and operated Cloud-native, serverless applications and the Continuous Integration/Deployment pipelines to manage them using Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
Mal Schulstad
Head of Operations
Mal started his professional life as an aeronautical engineer in the RAAF with a focus on IT systems and project management. He moved on from the military to lead a diversified career in the private, small business and not for profit sectors for almost 20 years. He joined MOVUS to help change the world for the better and when not working, can often be found falling off a mountain bike somewhere.
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Our vision

To preserve the Earth’s resources, we need to improve the efficiency and life of industrial assets.

In the last 30 years our planet has experience exponential population growth, we have grown 2.5 times, from 3B to 7.5B. Mankind has established the conditions to not only enable us to survive but thrive. We have now entered the ‘anthropocene’, an age where mankind is the most dominant force on earth. However, this growth has come at a price, our natural environment is suffering. Four key industries are affected by this growth, water, food, energy, and mining. These industries share a common thread, they all rely on machines. We believe that by transforming machines across their lifecycle we can dramatically improve these industries for the benefit of the planet.

Our mission

Our goal is to bring consumer simplicity, combined with artificial intelligence to enable smarter machines.

As consumers, we have seen a dramatic explosion of technology that has touched all areas of our lives. Consumer technology businesses now represent the worlds largest corporations. We believe that machines need to undergo a similar transition. Machine technology has remained unchanged for decades. MOVUS is transforming dumb machines into ‘smarter machines’. Our technology will enable this on a global level through our consumer styled simplicity combined with world class artificial intelligence. We believe there is no time to waste.

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