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MOVUS Marketing Internship Experience

Since July last year, I have had the opportunity to undertake a marketing internship at one of the most sought after technology startups in Brisbane. Since then I have been able to work alongside the marketing team to help grow and expand their reach across Australia. MOVUS is leading the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution […]

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MOVUS FitMachine Sensor in action
David Barzilay

Bringing Maintenance Into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

MOVUS was founded by CEO Brad Parsons in January 2015, initially starting out of The University of Queensland’s iLab, a supporter of technologically cutting-edge entrepreneurial start-up businesses. MOVUS’ flagship product, the FitMachine, provides an end-to-end equipment monitoring solution for industrial machinery using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Potential for Machine Monitoring According […]

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Brad Parsons

Australian Manufacturing: Time to Invest is Now

Scenario According to the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), our national Manufacturing industry has been expanding consistently with 25 months of uninterrupted growth (1), the longest run since 2005. On the other hand, it is no secret the sector is under pressure to transform. Traditional production methods and business models are being disrupted as digital […]

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Maintenance Team on site
John Gardner

The Shift from Preventive to Condition-Based Maintenance

The current shift from Preventive to Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) deserves some reflection. Until recently, CBM required the implementation of costly monitoring equipment and skilled technical analysts to be effective, limiting its application. The development of low cost machine condition sensors coupled with artificial intelligence is disrupting the industry and re-writing the rules of maintenance regimes. […]

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Brian Lowe

FitMachine Product Update, October 2018

Technology continues to be a key component of MOVUS’ market leadership and our investment remains strong. The latest release of our FitMachine technology stack has several exciting new developments, with more on the way. In brief, Customer self-install now makes installation and onboarding of MOVUS FitMachines safe and easy The latest release of our API […]

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Condition-Based Monitoring Dashboard
Kingsley Palmer

5 Advantages of Condition-Based Monitoring

Many maintenance staff in process industries have stressful jobs. They must constantly seek to balance the opposing requirements of maximising production and machinery up-time, whilst simultaneously minimising unplanned downtime with its associated loss of production, generally within a fixed maintenance budget.  Traditionally this has involved, as a minimum, a scheduled maintenance plan for all machines […]

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Mark Parker

Continuous Monitoring of Assets in Dirty, Difficult, or Dangerous Locations

Last week I shared a LinkedIn update showing the MOVUS FitMachine gateway installed at a customer site in Melbourne. The Pilot Project was actually for an ALS Global customer. A comment was left on the post by a LinkedIn member asking about the use case for deploying FitMachine. Braham Breytenbach from ALS replied to the […]

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Enhancing Workplace Safety
Mark Parker

Harnessing Industrial IoT to Reduce Workplace Risk

Avoiding unplanned downtime and equipment failure are two pretty obvious benefits that companies realise from deploying Industrial IoT solutions like MOVUS FitMachine. A lesser known, but equally important benefit is the impact IIoT can have on workplace safety. A recent article published by Blackline Safety highlighted a number of risks faced by workers in manufacturing. […]

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