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FitMachine Supports Ongoing Reliability

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  • Global leader in fibre-cement manufacturing embarked on a shift to Industry 4.0, and as part of this business transformation, MOVUS was selected due to its simple user interface and AI technology to deliver on condition-based maintenance. Our client kickstarted their journey by installing the MOVUS FitMachine® solution in one of its production sites.
  • After six months of monitoring normal operations, FitMachine detected anomalies in one of its critical assets. The early warning allowed the maintenance team time for further investigation and avoided unplanned downtime.
  • Our client highly values the FitMachine solution as it continuously provides their staff the ability to know, monitor, deep dive, and plan maintenance.

“The FitMachine® PdM Platform fits seamlessly into our maintenance team as it complements the human expertise, providing an effective mechanism for early warning and for supporting our drive for ongoing reliability.”


Capital Projects and Asset Manager, Asia-Pacific


Our client approached MOVUS in October 2017 as part of a regional drive to improve machine reliability across their Asia-Pacific sites.


One of their sites in Queensland was chosen as the starting point for deploying the MOVUS FitMachine platform due to its ageing equipment and the criticality of
the site to national production.

The pilot project kicked off in November 2017 with FitMachine Sensors and Gateway installed in less than half a day on a
range of assets including pumps and fans. In less than two weeks a baseline machine condition was established, with the
local maintenance team having full 24/7 visibility of the assets via the MOVUS MachineCloud dashboard.


Six months after the sensors were installed, during a regular project meeting the client’s maintenance team and the MOVUS Customer Success team identified an asset (Cellulose Dump Chest Agitator) that was showing early signs of changing behaviour.

Six weeks later, FitMachine began sending notification alerts to the client’s team, right after the operating state of the same machine deviated outside of normal operation.

The client’s team decided to do a vibration analysis (VA) using hand held vibration equipment before making any decision(s) on repairs or replacement of the agitator.

The FitMachine alert combined with the deeper analysis created confidence that the asset could be operated reliably until the planned shutdown.

Download Case Study



Early warning ensures reliability


By sending an early warning to the client’s team about a change in the operation of the Cellulose Dump Chest Agitator, the FitMachine® solution provided them with enough time to perform an in-depth analysis of the anomaly using specialist Vibration Analysis.

Unplanned downtime avoided


Rather than a potential failure occurring during production cycles and needing emergency maintenance procedures, our client relied on FitMachine’s condition monitoring alerts, further investigated the performance anomaly, performed pro-active OEM maintenance recommendations and avoided unplanned downtime.

Proof of concept scaled to expanded deployment


This case study provided our client with confidence to expand the FitMachine deployment to other sites in Australia, New Zealand and United States, now increasing their levels of equipment reliability on national, regional and global levels.

FitMachine complements human expertise


The FitMachine® alert combined with the deeper analysis created confidence that the asset could be operated reliably until the planned shutdown.


Global leader in fibre-cement manufacturing with a US$7.5 billion market cap. A world leader in fibre cement, holding 77% share of the North American market and 23% of the overall international market. Our client operates in markets around the world, with manufacturing operations in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

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