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Increasing Safety and Preventing Downtime

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  • Fertiliser plant with plenty of ageing equipment, 24/7 operation and several hazardous environments.
  • FitMachine detected and alerted of a rapid condition change on a scrubbing plant fan, a critical asset for removing dust and fumes. Our client called up the control room from home. The operations team adjusted fan usage and greased it.
  • FitMachine alert helped prevent downtime and potentially serious damage and injuries.

“Because I received the text from movus, I called up the control room from my house, and was able to alert operations and they could adjust fan usage, and give it more grease until my maintenance team was able to change it out with the assistance of a crane. Our investigation found the non-drive end bearing cage had collapsed.”


Condition Monitoring and Lubrication Specialist


One of the key benefits of continuous condition monitoring is that it acts as an early warning system – giving maintenance teams advance notice of subtle changes that, if left unattended, could degrade into more permanent damage or a failure.


In Australia, one of our fertiliser manufacturing customers uses FitMachine to provide continuous condition monitoring of a range of fan units. Typical of many fertilisers plants in Australia this site has a lot of ageing equipment, 24/7 operation, and a range of hazardous environments


After five weeks from sensors installation, one of the assets being monitored by FitMachine started to degrade and ultimately an alert was generated from MachineCloud.

In this instance, FitMachine is monitoring a scrubbing plant fan. These fan units are critical assets as they ensure the removal of dust and fumes.

FitMachine started detecting a rapid change in condition, following a very consistent, stabilised behaviour.

The FitMachine alert, combined with quick actions from our client’s maintenance team, helped prevent downtime and potentially serious damage and injuries.

Download Case Study



Alert prevents downtime


Upon receiving the FitMachine alert, the client’s condition monitoring specialist rang the operations team, who adjusted fan usage and greased the scrubbing fan.

Increasing safety


By avoiding a catastrophic failure, the FitMachine alert – combined with the quick actions of our client’s teams – ensured that human and physical assets were kept out of harm’s way.

Proof of value displayed within weeks


FitMachine detected condition degradation and sent an alert only five weeks after sensor installation.

FitMachine supports data-driven, fast decision-making


The FitMachine alert provided our client with crucial historical and condition data of their asset to support their decision of intervening and avoiding a catastrophic failure.


Founded 25 years ago, our client has grown into a leading supplier of fertilisers in Eastern Australia. The company produces high quality SSP that delivers critical nutrient inputs to the Australian farming industry.

With significant assets and experienced personnel involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of fertiliser products, our client holds a solid and durable position in the Australian market.

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