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Never Suffer Unexpected Bearing or Gearbox Failures Again

Always stay one step ahead.

Bearings and gearboxes are critical components of many assets along the critical production path. Unplanned downtime due to bearing and gearbox failures is extremely costly but easily preventable - with the right platform in place. MOVUS' smart sensors and reporting suite allow you to get ahead of failure in minutes.

Guardian Angels for your Bearings & Gearboxes


FitMachine works best with the following bearing types:

  • Ball Bearings

  • Roller Bearings

  • Thrust Bearings

FitMachine works best with the following gearbox types:

  • Parallel Shaft 

  • 90° Turn

  • Multi-Stage

  • Small External Gears

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AI Alerts & Critical Information in a Click


FitMachine data is passed through our AI layer to provide the most accurate picture of your asset fitness. The MachineCloud dashboard presents this information in easy-to-understand graphs and reports that are customisable to your requirements.


Plus, with instant alerts via email or SMS, you'll never miss an important change in machine condition.

Proven to Eliminate Bearing & Gearbox Failure

Hundreds of organisations rely on FitMachine to prevent bearing and gearbox failure. Instant alerts have saved organisations thousands in unplanned downtime, repair costs and lost production.


If bearings and gearboxes are critical to your organisation, you'll want to read our case studies that demonstrate the MOVUS solution in action. See how and why predictive maintenance can benefit your organisations.​

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