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Asset Fitness: A New Way of Thinking About Asset Health

Healthy machines are productive, efficient and fit for purpose. Organisations that focus on keeping machines not just healthy, but FIT, can find great gains in efficiency, uptime and productivity. It also provides operations teams with peace of mind and in a better position to plan production.

Understand Your Fleet Condition At A Glance

View all your equipment fitness information in one place. No need to individually inspect equipment or rely on hunches.


With all stakeholders gaining visibility of equipment conditions you’re less likely to incur unexpected downtime. Maintaining asset fitness is a team effort, so share the information with your teams!

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Asset Fitness Is Key to Increasing Uptime

Fit equipment lasts longer - that’s pretty obvious. But organisations often overlook the benefits that increased uptime can provide. Higher production capacity, asset utilisation and overall equipment efficiency make a significant impact on the bottom line.


To achieve this, organisations need to understand what assets require the most attention. Full visibility over your machines is one part of this, but so is understanding asset utilisation.

Build Resilience & Eliminate Unplanned Outages 

Our solution has completely eliminated unplanned downtime for many organisations. Often this can be achieved within months when committing fully to a condition-based maintenance approach. Plus, many users have reported significant increases in uptime and asset utilisation.


Check out our case studies to learn how MOVUS has supported business around the globe, across a number of industries.​


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