Asset Health, Asset Fitness
Hayley Parsons

Asset Health is Not the Way. This is.

Machines function just like we do, and we need to use that to our advantage.

In the world of maintenance, some of you might argue that we already do. We use terms like ‘Asset Health’, don’t we?

I would argue otherwise.

Currently, under Asset Health Management, machines are managed in order to keep them working, and prevent unplanned downtime. To prevent ‘sickness.’ We use maintenance teams like doctors, with semi-regular check-ups to make sure everything is ok, and to help machines recover when they’re not feeling well. After all, unexpected sickness can mean the loss of a team member, and often a costly loss in business productivity.

Is that what we do with humans? Is that what we consider ‘healthy’? No, of course not. For humans, health is not merely the absence of sickness. Someone who is ‘healthy’ is not just surviving.

This is why we need to move beyond Asset Health, to ‘Asset Fitness’.

In the human world, improving your fitness translates into tangible productivity increases. Not just in terms of enhanced efficiency, but it also increases our lifespans. This is a commonly known fact. The data is out there to prove it.

That’s why, in a desire to maintain and even improve business productivity, many organisations now implement and actively encourage employee health and wellbeing programs, many of which encourage staff to improve their fitness. Happier, healthier employees do, after all, perform far better than stressed or unwell teams. 

So why aren’t we applying this same concept to machines?

Improving the fitness of our assets, instead of simply fixing machines as they become unhealthy, will reap the same benefits.

Of course, the question is how. We now have the answer.

You see, when it comes to improving our fitness, do you visit your doctor, or do you look for a personal trainer? Sure, doctors have their place in helping us stay healthy, but if you really want to focus on your fitness, you’ll probably look elsewhere.

That’s where we come in, and that’s why we’ve shifted our focus.

Since our founding we have been driven by the understanding that in order to preserve the earth’s resources, to make a meaningful difference, we need to improve the efficiency and life of industrial assets. And we believe that to achieve our vision, we need to help improve the fitness of machines as well. It’s why the FitMachine was created in the first place.

We’re changing the focus of our product development, of our team, of our company, to helping you improve and optimise the health of your business, and the fitness of your assets. That means helping you increase your uptime, and truly optimise productive activity. Not just maintain it, or prevent it from getting worse.

The journey is already underway. We understand it might not be one everyone wants to come on. Resistance to change is something we all face.

However, the current path of maintenance is not an inspiring one. It does its job, sure, but our current machine lifecycle is the equivalent of a human sitting, unproductive on the couch, letting themselves go and watching their health deteriorate as they lose their fitness.

Not a pretty picture, and one we want to change. Join us, if you do too.

Welcome to the revolution.