Fibre Cement Manufacturer - API's for Integration
Mark Parker

API’s for Integration; Not All API’s Are The Same

Earlier this year MOVUS Founder and CEO Brad Parsons published an interesting post about the Six Platform Must Haves customers should consider when evaluating Industrial IoT solutions.

The fourth point in Brad’s list related to API’s for Integration, a key area companies need to consider in terms of long-term value. Why? As not all API’s are developed the same way, and the wrong choice could have serious long-term value realisation implications.

At MOVUS, our approach to providing an API to customers is to ensure that the customer has every opportunity to:

(a) Avoid data isolation, and
(b) Utilise insights in as many different areas of their business (i.e. maintenance operations, workforce planning, asset lifecycle management).

If you’d like to talk with us about our API capabilities then the best place to start is by sending an email to the team via this page.