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Mark Parker

API’s for Integration; Not All API’s Are The Same

Earlier this year MOVUS Founder and CEO Brad Parsons published an interesting post about the Six Platform Must Haves customers should consider when evaluating Industrial IoT solutions.

The fourth point in Brad’s list related to API’s for Integration. For companies embracing Industry 4.0 or Maintenance 4.0, being able to quickly and easily integrate IIoT-generated insights deep into their organisation is critical for long term value realisation. Having access to a vendors API is not enough though. Popular business systems such as CMMS, EAM, Historian, and PCS/SCADA systems are notoriously complex with different stakeholders often wanting different types of information at different intervals. 

At MOVUS, we understand the power of Digital Insights – we’ve moved beyond offering a simple API – our integration approach includes:

  1. Partnering directly with the world’s leading system vendors so as to directly connect our insights into their solutions – allowing rapid delivery of new value for our customers;
  2. Developing ready-to-go connectors into world leading systems like OSIsoft Pi Historian, and SAP’s EAM solution (see below);
  3. Collaborating with local and international systems integrations companies like Rizing, Dimension Software, and XMPro so as to bring innovative solutions to our customers in weeks, not months or quarters;
  4. Launching our Integrations Marketplace – customers can access a growing range of integrations directly from our platform.

An example of the work we’re doing with both vendors and systems integration partners can be seen below. In this video you can see an example of how MOVUS collaborated with both Rizing and XMPro to create real-time condition monitoring between our MachineCloud and SAP’s EAM module. 

If you’d like to talk with us about our API capabilities then the best place to start is by sending an email to the team via this page.

* Updated 7 October with new information