CHPP - Trunnion Wheel - Mining Customer
Mark Parker

Delivering Value for a Mining Customer – Case Study

MOVUS received great feedback from one of our global mining customers last week as FitMachine again demonstrated its value as the world’s leading continuous condition monitoring solution. This post is a summary of the conversation between this customer and our global engineering partner ALS (who manage this relationship).

After this good pick up, reducing our downtime for cranes etc, we’re keen to pursue permanently for 6 areas which we have restricted access to when operational (Manager CHPP)

What Happened

At this particular site the maintenance and reliability teams were looking to understand the value of having continuous condition monitoring on assets that were in 3D environments (dirty, difficult, and dangerous). Specifically, a range of desliming screens.

As you can see in the image below, the MOVUS MachineCloud AI was showing the asset was operating quite differently from learnt behaviour, from late May into mid-June. Following a short break in mid-June there’s a obvious trend upwards (the green AI line) indicating a possible deterioration in condition.

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When we drill further into the data available via MachineCloud we can see the RMS results also show elevated levels before a step-change in behaviour.

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Early Warning System at Work

As I noted above, FitMachine on this site is working in an area that is very hazardous so picking up this change created a window for the onsite teams to be ready.


  • The AI trend clearly showed the local crew that this wasn’t a short-term process issue – something was clearly wrong;
  • Most importantly, the early warning allowed this customer to PLAN – they had time to circle the wagons, have spares available, get cranes and crews in place.

Importantly, it created a safer environment – breathing space to understand and mitigate worker risk; less rushed work; which means the right people in the right place with the right tools and spares to get the job done safely.

This is so important for our customer and for us at MOVUS.

The mining customer has probably avoided 1 maybe 2 days of downtime – add in a safer maintenance environment and this is a great outcome.

FitMachine EX Update

As of December 2 2019 FitMachine EX is now certified for use in Queensland Underground Coal mining environments. Further details can be found here.

Want to know more?

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