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David Barzilay

Workers Safety – The Business Value of FitMachine

In this blog post series, we talk about the stories on how our customers are using FitMachine and the business value they get out of our solution.

This story refers to a fertiliser manufacturer with a zero-harm policy. By avoiding a catastrophic failure, the FitMachine alert – combined with the quick actions of our customer’s teams – ensured that human and physical assets were kept out of harm’s way.

In our customer words “Because I received the text [alert] from MOVUS, I called up the control room from my house, and was able to alert operations and they could adjust fan usage, and give it more grease until my maintenance team was able to change it out with the assistance of a crane. Our investigation found the non-drive end bearing cage had collapsed.”

This gave our customers’ teams time to plan, schedule, and have the right spares and crew available for maintenance work.

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