FitMachine monitoring a fertiliser extraction fan
Mark Parker

Great New MachineCloud Feature – Device Reporting Status

In late May the MOVUS engineering team released a major upgrade to our MachineCloud platform. There were a lot of behind-the-scenes changes that set our platform up for the future, and a range of customer facing changes like improved graphing, data loading, and even simpler navigation (less clicks). One small addition that may have gone unnoticed is really important for our customers…

Supporting Multi-Site, Multi-Country, Complex Deployments

Many of our customers are now deploying FitMachine across multiple sites, in different geographic locations and countries. With deployments now running into the hundreds its important to understand  the status of sensors, specifically in terms of when they are reporting in (i.e. sending a sample to MachineCloud).

On the MachineCloud homepage theres now a new widget called “Devices Reporting”. As you can see below customer admins can now quickly see the status of all sensors deployed.

MOVUS MachineCloud dashboard now shows the status of all devices being used by a customer

Working in 3D Environments

Being an industrial sensor, our customers rely on FitMachine to provide continuous condition monitoring in what we term 3D environments (dirty, difficult, and dangerous). There’s a variety of reasons why sensors may not have reported in – now our customers can keep track of this and investigate in a safe and timely manner.