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MOVUS Marketing Internship Experience

Since July last year, I have had the opportunity to undertake a marketing internship at one of the most sought after technology startups in Brisbane. Since then I have been able to work alongside the marketing team to help grow and expand their reach across Australia.

MOVUS is leading the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution with their machine monitoring solution, the FitMachine. This device magnetically attaches to fixed-rotating assets where it detects sound, vibration and temperature metrics. With the help of AI and machine learning capabilities, the predictive maintenance tool monitors the machine’s operating status. This can be viewed by workers via a live mobile dashboard. Users are then alerted when an asset is operating outside its normal range of function. 

How the opportunity arose

When I first began my university degree, I believed that internships were only for final year or graduate students. I couldn’t have been more wrong! After listening to QUT Alumni present about their careers after university at the Business Leaders Talk last year, I realised there was so much more I could be doing with my university studies. At this stage, I didn’t have many connections in the industry. So in order to broaden my network I began volunteering for innovation and marketing events . It was through a connection I made from one of these events that MOVUS CEO Brad Parsons contacted me about a possible marketing internship. After meeting for an interview at their office in Spring Hill, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What my internship entailed

My internship placed me in the Sales and Marketing team, where I worked alongside Marketing Manager, David Barzilay. Each day I was challenged with new tasks to complete, which meant that every week in the office was different to the previous one.  One of the main focuses of my placement was creating content for MOVUS. In doing so, I had the opportunity to work with several tools and softwares – some of which I had no previous experience with. Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to hone my skills while learning new ones along the way. Here is a short summary of the tasks I completed during my internship: 
  • Curating and scheduling Twitter and LinkedIn content in Zoho Social
    • General industry updates
    • Messaging aligning with recently launched campaigns
    • PR and media mentions
    • Events MOVUS has attended
  • Writing and editing articles and blog posts
    • Enhancing the online visibility of articles with SEO
    • increasing their readability in WordPress
  • Content ideas for the monthly newsletter
    • Using MailChimp to collate images and write snippets of articles
  • Proposing changes on the Home and FitMachine pages of the MOVUS website
    • Designing mockups for new ‘Resources’ and ‘Case Studies’ pages
  • Developing a FAQ list for clients
  • Researching upcoming industry events suitable for MOVUS to exhibit at
  • Creating a short promotional video to showcase at events and conferences
One of the many reasons why I enjoyed this internship was the flexibility and freedom to be creative. I was always encouraged to voice my opinion and input my own ideas when completing tasks. Every day I was working on something new and no two days in the office were the same. 

The value of internships

For anyone looking to enhance their career prospects I would highly recommend applying for internships. The industry knowledge I have gained has complemented my university studies and my experience has far exceeded what I expected. Working at MOVUS has given me a whole new perspective on marketing and how technological advancements are rapidly shaping the future. After working together for over six months, I can honestly say I have never met a more passionate and dedicated team. This created an enjoyable and collaborative work environment to be part of each day. Everyone has their own knowledge and unique experiences to bring to their work which contributes to the great office dynamic. As a result, I have made some invaluable connections.  After my experience, the one piece of advice I will give is to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. It is never too early to start applying your university studies in a practical environment through an internship or work experience – and above all else to have fun doing so!

If you have any questions about my experience, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.