Brad Parsons

FitMachine Product Update, December 2018

FitMachine Self-Install

MOVUS is proud to announce the next development in our renowned FitMachine sensor. Customers can now connect to the FitMachine via Bluetooth to configure and manage it. This is enabled using the FitMachine app, now officially available on the iTunes App Store. (Google Play Store to follow soon!)

As a consequence, customers are now able to order FitMachines then install and configure them with their own staff. Configuration is easy and guided step-by-step within the app, including a Take 5 safety check. Network connection can be done via our customers’ own WiFi network or with a supplied MOVUS gateway.

Temperature Model Improvements

The MOVUS Artificial Intelligence team continues its research and this month will see the move into production of our latest temperature model. This tracks multiple factors such as ambient temperature, weather conditions, machine history, and many others in order to monitor the seasonally adjusted temperature performance of equipment. Alarms and notifications in this area are even more accurate.

Coming enhancements

MOVUS is preparing to launch our new, faster customer management dashboard. The rapid iterative changes are currently being driven by customer feedback as we grow. Significant work has been done to the underlying technology which will allow these changes to be rolled out more quickly. In addition, customers can expect significant improvements to response times as well as some offline capability.

Customers will also be pleased to find a new function that will allow anomalous events to be flagged during the calibration process. This will mean faster and more accurate calibration.