Brad Parsons

FitMachine Product Update, October 2018

Technology continues to be a key component of MOVUS’ market leadership and our investment remains strong. The latest release of our FitMachine technology stack has several exciting new developments, with more on the way. In brief,

  • Customer self-install now makes installation and onboarding of MOVUS FitMachines safe and easy
  • The latest release of our API enables easy integration of the MOVUS solution into existing customer applications
  • Improvements to the FitMachine sensor will prolong battery life and allow better customisation of monitoring
  • The FitMachine adds Bluetooth to its existing WiFi capability
  • Mobile data collection using a tablet or mobile phone addresses the needs of customers who have unreliable or absent wireless coverage in the areas that need monitoring

Self Install FitMachine

The MOVUS FitMachine differs greatly from standard monitoring technology, both in terms of its use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence for data analysis, and in terms of its ease of installation.

Our latest mobile app release makes installation even easier and customers can now self install in only minutes. Using the MOVUS mobile app the FitMachine QR code is scanned, information about the equipment to be installed on is entered, then the FitMachine is onboarded into the MOVUS Machine Cloud. The app wirelessly communicates with the FitMachine to complete the process, then it is magnetically attached to the equipment and is ready for Machine Learning.

FitMachine API Integration

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are an essential part of enterprise solutions and MOVUS supports seamless integration of our platform into our customer’s application portfolio. The latest release of the MOVUS API integrates using the standard REST architecture, compatible with all current middleware solutions and suitable for most direct application integrations.

The MOVUS API includes a rich suite of calls that provide access to machine metadata, health monitoring, complete historical data, alarms, and notifications. It also allows callbacks for alarm and notification triggering.

FitMachine sensor – extended Battery Life

The FitMachine is battery powered, thereby obviating the need for cumbersome power cables and the associated time, cost, downtime, and inconvenience that their installation requires.

The team continues to make improvements in this area and the latest release makes use of the next generation of low power components to extend battery power even further. In addition, the continued optimisation of our firmware adds further efficiencies to this. We anticipate an improvement in battery life for the current release to at least three years under normal conditions.

In our next release we will be making additional improvements to configurability that allow finer control of the sampling and data transmission intervals. For machines that need less frequent monitoring this means increasing battery life up to a whopping 5 years.

FitMachine sensor – bluetooth connectivity

The MOVUS FitMachine communicates wirelessly with standard WiFi networks and with a MOVUS supplied gateway for those customers who need it. The latest version adds to this capability with Bluetooth, allowing remote wireless onboarding and management of the FitMachine using the MOVUS mobile app.

Each of these new features are in our latest release and will continue to improve the quality of our monitoring-as-a-service for all users. Our next release also has some exciting developments for users without network coverage, and users needing equipment health monitoring in explosive environments.

Mobile Data Capture

The MOVUS FitMachine is designed for real time equipment health monitoring and we supply a range of options to ensure appropriate connectivity. Customers are able to deploy FitMachine sensors onto their own standard WiFi networks, or to use a MOVUS supplied gateway that transmits data back to our cloud via wireless broadband.

For  equipment with no network access, our customers can use the new MOVUS Mobile Data Collection feature. Using our app on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, customers can walk through their facility to collect data from their FitMachines.

Once they are  back in WiFi or Cellular range the app automatically uploads the collected data to our cloud where it is processed and made available through the MOVUS dashboard.

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