Mark Parker

Continuous Monitoring of Assets in Dirty, Difficult, or Dangerous Locations

Last week I shared a LinkedIn update showing the MOVUS FitMachine gateway installed at a customer site in Melbourne.

The Pilot Project was actually for an ALS Global customer. A comment was left on the post by a LinkedIn member asking about the use case for deploying FitMachine. Braham Breytenbach from ALS replied to the comment and I’m sharing his response here because its a simple but powerful summary of the value of augmenting deep human expertise with continuous condition monitoring:

“This application was on large fans, critical to our client’s production. We have monitored these for some time using hand-held data collection. MOVUS FitMachines ensure no changes in machine condition will go unnoticed in-between our routine surveys. Continuous coverage = confidence in the condition of these critical assets.”

As you can see from the photo below, our FitMachine solution is deployed into a typical 3D site – one that requires Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult work.

FitMachine solution is deployed into a typical 3D site

The real value for this customer is that ALS is integrating world’s best Industrial IoT technology into their world leading technical service offering which is based on deep human expertise. This is also why for MOVUS, it’s so exciting to be working collaboratively with ALS in heavy asset industries where customer, industry, and safety intimacy is so important.

If you’d like to know more about how MOVUS and ALS are helping their customers feel free to contact us.

This article was first published on LinkedIn on 26 August 2018.