Digital Insights
Mark Parker

Transform Business Processes With Digital Insights

Big data is kind of a big deal for many companies around the world. But does having access to lots of data help a business make better decisions or improve operations or develop a competitive advantage?

One thing I stress to prospects and partners is that having more data doesn’t necessarily help organisations improve or be more efficient. Business value is created and/or realised from big data when you can quickly and easily generate actionable insights.

“More than ever, enterprises understand that improving decision-making through analytics and AI leads to better business decisions and ultimately drives results to the bottom line.” David Wyatt, general manager for EMEA at Databricks

I see this on a daily basis via the digital insights generated by the MOVUS Industrial IoT platform. Being able to remotely monitor the health of thousands of industrial assets means our customers can not only better manage these assets but they can also transform how they operate.

The insights generated by our platform allows them to adopt a predictive maintenance mindset, this in turn creates opportunities to optimise internal work practices, lower traditional programmed maintenance costs, and transform the total cost of asset ownership.

These are fantastic outcomes for our customers.

This article was first published on LinkedIn on 13 December 2018.