Mark Parker

Reactive Maintenance vs Predictive Maintenance

There’s a lot of really good content being published across the web and particularly on LinkedIn in relation to predictive maintenance and the benefits it delivers over traditional maintenance practices. Many of the conversations that I have with MOVUS prospects ends up focused around what hidden costs and issues they can overcome by starting the transformation #Industry 4.0 journey.

My approach is to focus on the low hanging fruit, the quick wins and one area where this is possible is how Maintenance/Reliability teams tackle the issue or urgent work or unplanned downtime. This LinkedIn article from Ricky Smith gives a succinct overview of this issue:

Urgent work is fraught with delays, misdirection and confusion, but by its very nature we can’t take the time to investigate the needs of the job, estimate the resources, develop a plan and obtain the necessary parts that will be needed. Instead, we run headlong into the fray and figure out what we need as we go…

Ricky Smith via LinkedIn

FitMachine gives Maintenance/Reliability teams the opportunity to get ahead of urgent work or unplanned downtime. Our platform can be deployed and generating digital insights in minutes. Within weeks our customers are starting to get on the front foot due to 24/7 visibility of machine performance and operating behaviour.

Feel free to reach out to our sales engineers via here. We’d be happy to talk with you about how FitMachine could help your operation, or even connect you to one of our partners.