IOT changing you thinking
Brad Parsons

If You Want to Monetise IOT, Change Your Thinking

Globally, there’s a silent shift happening. The way businesses create value and capture value is quietly transforming. This isn’t a theoretical exercise being played out by corporate strategists or the Big 5 accounting firms. It’s a dramatic shift that’s disrupting existing businesses and creating completely new business models. Businesses that adapt to this silent shift will […]

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Mark Parker

Digital Factories – The Future for Australian and New Zealand Manufacturing

I’m really excited to see how quickly ANZ manufacturing has adopted the core concepts of Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) – it points to a bright future for the maligned sector as ‘smarter’ rather than ‘cheaper’ drives innovation and digitalisation. For many manufacturing organisations, digitisation can mean many things, however it can also result […]

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