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Getting Started with MOVUS FitMachine

If you’re responsible for reliability or maintenance at your company then MOVUS FitMachine will be of interest to you – but you’re likely to have questions about how to get started, where to deploy, how do we deploy this and learn about how to improve our internal practices.

Our recommendation is for customers to start with a pilot project phase – like a learning phase. The primary reason we recommend this step include:

  • Allow maintenance/engineering teams to operate FitMachine in parallel to existing maintenance practices.
  • Maximise the opportunity for a maintenance issue to be detected outside of regular procedures and ahead of a failure
  • Allow organisations to document business process, and asset maintenance process changes

Maximise Learnings and ROI

To maximise learning’s and ROI, we recommend the following:

  • A six-month period;
  • A diverse range of assets is selected – new, mid-life, ageing, different types, locations;
  • The equipment should be running for 4+ hours per day, ideally 10+. This allows calibration to be completed quickly;
  • Installed on 20-30 pieces of equipment (We will consider less than 20 units on a case by case basis); and
  • Ideally the equipment should not have any scheduled heavy maintenance or upgrades planned during the pilot period (i.e. new bearings, blades etc)

The pilot projects we have running via our partners and directly with our customers are finding hidden maintenance issues – which when resolved avoid unplanned downtime – a costly problem for every business (in fact, in the UK costs industry $180B per year).

If you’d like to know more about starting a pilot project of MOVUS FitMachines, add a comment or send us a enquiry via here.

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