Brad Parsons

Creating a predictive maintenance offering

Over the past few months we’ve had many conversations with HVAC maintenance/service providers about how they can incorporate FitMachine into their service offering and more broadly how HVAC maintenance is delivered for clients.


MOVUS has been able to demonstrate to large HVAC/R operators and maintenance service providers that FitMachine is a low cost alternative to the traditional programmed maintenance service offering that clients pay for.

We’ve always said FitMachine isn’t a replacement for physical inspections – but it does allow you to rethink physical inspections and use the FitMachine equipment health dashboard so as to focus on where an inspection needs to be done vs inspecting everything.


So how could you incorporate FitMachine digital knowledge into your service offering? As a service provider, FitMachine can be implemented in a number of ways:

  • You could reduce the number of planned inspections by delivering a more value-add service to your customer – less inspections overall, target your teams where issues are identified .
    • Your upside is multi-faceted : (1) Higher margins for service calls and (2) better utilisation of your workforce as they are doing more value-add work vs. inspections that deliver no value. (3) Higher staff satisfaction as genuine issues are being resolved;
  • Incorporate FitMachine into your current service offering at no cost to your customer. FitMachine becomes a value-add service that helps you lock customers into your service for much longer.
  • Keep your team safe by minimising unplanned emergency work.

There are numerous other ways you can incorporate FitMachine into your service offering. What’s important to remember is that FitMachine is going to change how maintenance services are delivered to a very wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. Will you be ready to embrace the merger of physical and digital expertise? If you are feel free to get in touch to discuss how you can use or incorporate FitMachine into your business.