Increase the efficiency of your rail operations and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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MOVUS in action

Three different products have been developed for the rail industry. IdleAlert to assist with fuel consumption reduction, SmartWagon to measure the forces between the wagons and therefore assist to increase the overall payload, and SmartRail to map the condition of the rails by combining data from multiple sensors located on different locomotives.

These innovative and cost effective solutions can reduce cost, risk and maintenance while improving safe operations.


The Challenge

Every year millions of litres of fuel are burnt while heavy haul and passenger rail engines sit idle. This has an impact on profitability, fuel usage, maintenance and the environment. In Australia this is estimated at 3% of all fuel consumed nationally.

The Solution

An industrial grade sensor is attached to the train, with 3G or Wi-Fi communications.

Idle time is recorded and can be monitored via a cloud-based dashboard. This enables timely decisions to be made about whether to maintain the idle status, or shut the engine down.

With locomotives often left to idle unnecessarily for hours – even days - it’s a simple solution to reduce fuel costs.


Loco 3711:

Idling at depot > 45 min

Please monitor.

SmartWagon - Knowledge is efficiency and safety

Excessive in-train forces can lead to increased maintenance costs and reduce the life of rolling stock assets. They can also damage below rail infrastructure and increase the chances of safety incidents, such as separation and derailments.

The ability to measure and monitor in-train forces is critical to become a world-class rail operator.

Access to continuous in-train force data allows rail operators to monitor wagon fatigue and identify problem track sections. Monitoring can improve driver methodologies, optimise consist designs & payload, reduce maintenance costs and the likelihood of safety incidents.

SmartRail - Prioritise your maintenance effort

Google Maps provides real-time traffic conditions, by colouring the heavy traffic areas. SmartRail similarly highlights problem areas on the rail network.

Using data collected from locomotives equipped with a SmartRail sensor, problem track sections can be visually highlighted. These may present a high risk in the short or long term.

The SmartRail sensors detect the vertical and lateral imperfections in the track, this is transmitted to our cloud platform for further analysis and mapping of the area at risk. The system also produces customisable alerts and user friendly reports and dashboards.


Rail Section A253:

Lateral Defect > 0.3G

Please monitor.

Rail Section N119:

Vertical Defect > 0.9G

Please attend.

SmartRail Photo Gallery

SmartRail sensors ready for installationSmartRail sensors in testing modeSmartRail sensors in testing modeSmartRail and IdleAlert as a combined sensorSmartRail sensors prior to final installation

Case Studies, Rail Solution

Knowing the Condition of your Rail Track is Critical

SmartRail - Know the condition of your own & others Rails

Similar to what Google Maps is doing with traffic & congestion areas by indicating the heavy traffic area in RED, SmartRail is using the data collected from locomotives that have...

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