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Applying Consumer Health Wearable Simplicity to Industrial Equipment

If you get out and exercise regularly you'll no doubt be aware of the growth of smart fitness wearables like FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin Vivofit etc. These devices have taken the world by storm - merging easy to use technology, with powerful web-based analytics - all with a simple aim... Put actionable insights at the finger tips of the user.

Lets Apply These Lessons To Your Key Industrial Assets

Imagine a smart health wearable that attaches to your industrial assets quickly (without the need for tools) and instantly starts measuring what your asset is doing - establishing a baseline of its health and always ready to act when something isn't quite right

Welcome to MOVUS FitMachine

FitMachine isn't just a sensor, it doesn't just measure one thing periodically...nor is it (just) a smart analytics engine... FitMachine is a total package, a platform-as-a-service that:
  • Has multiple sensors packaged into a small wearable that stands out and operates in the most hostile industrial environments
  • Works from the get-go - your machine gets the shakes, snores, sniffles, or shows early signs of a rising temperature - FitMachine is listening!
  • Data is captured and delivered into our machine learning/neural network engine that firstly builds a 'current status' position and then monitors in real time - alerting you (via SMS or email) when something isn't quite right.

What Does This Mean For You?

FitMachine gives you the opportunity to reimagine maintenance - focus on where your teams can intervene to optimise and/or prevent degradation/failure - another way to look at this is you being able to optimise workforce effectiveness - doing work that needs doing vs doing work... 

Lets Get Started

FitMachine has been deployed across dozens of sites around our region. This is production-ready, scalable technology. Want to schedule a demo or call with us? Start here Reach out to one of our partners - see here Engage with us on Twitter or meet the executive team on LinkedIn. We're here and ready to help.
Lets get started!


Simple and insightful output

In addition to alerts for temperature and vibration, machine learnings allows maintenance teams to understand the rate of change and the deterioration of equipment.

Knowing the rate of change, allows prioritisation of scheduled inspections and maintenance.


Pump NDK 04783-1

Fluctuation detected

Pump NDK 04783-1

Fast deterioration detected;

 Inspection required

Pump NDK 04783-1

High Vibration Detected

FitMachine - Solution Features

Cost competitive
Self learning to predict failures
Timely alerts and trending
Engaging dashboards
As-a-Service commercial model
Fast installation, no tools required
Wireless communications
Many industrial applications

FitMachine – From sensors to powerful insights.

Remote monitoring, automatic notifications

  • Near real-time - Multiple measurements per day, immediate alarm generation
  • Be Informed - Detect problems before outages occur. Powerful analytics in your pocket
  • Take action - Notifications about equipment are sent automatically to your workshop managers and/or service delivery supervisors.

Reporting and trending.

  • Track and trend - Receive daily, weekly or monthly equipment reports and trend analysis
  • Drive improvement - Compare improvements across different locations.

Installation friendly, equipment independent

  • Fast deployment - Sensors are secured to equipment via magnetic mounts and feature a long-life battery. No need for electrical wiring or mechanical modifications to your machines (powered sensor options are available)
  • Zero IT footprint - Browser access only required to enrol, manage, monitor and report on monitored machines
  • Wireless connectivity - Independent 3G network connectivity provides seamless communication between the equipment sensors and our reporting system.


Machine measurement parameters Vibration: 0-2 G, Temperature: -20 to +80 0C
Machine alarms Vibration alarm as per ISO 10816-1 (Class I – IV machines); temperatures alarms as selected by user
Live trend charts Acceleration / vibration, temperature, equipment status and rate of change.
Reports Alarm history by machine, site; sensor status; history by machine, site
Telecommunications – gateway (site) to application (cloud) 3G / WiFi
User access to application - dashboard, reports, system administration Standard web browser on PC, tablet (zero IT footprint), configurable access by user ID

FitMachine is an innovative and cost effective solution for remote monitoring a wide range of rotating machines. It uses sensors, 3G wireless and a cloud platform to allow you to optimise your equipment management.

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