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A Learning Sensor solution for Preventative/Predictive Maintenance

The traditional programmed maintenance, or fix on fail is being disrupted by the MOVUS FitMachine platform. FitMachine is a total ‘condition/predictive monitoring as a service’ solution that:
  • Has multiple sensors packaged into a small enclosure, it operates in the most hostile industrial environments
  • Works from the ‘get go’ - data is captured and delivered into our machine learning engine - this smart technology firstly builds a 'current health' position and then monitors in real time - alerting you (via SMS or email) when something isn't quite right.
The following SlideShare presentation is an example of FitMachine's being deployed in an industrial plant.

What Does This Mean For You?

FitMachine gives you the opportunity to reimagine maintenance - enabling your teams (both internal and external) to intervene and optimise or prevent failures before they occur. Your team can focus where they’re needed most.

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